Photos by Simon Bracco Jr.

Influence is always around us. Throughout my life I have been heavily influenced by Japanese culture, hip hop, classic rock, a plethora of graffiti and a multitude of fine artists. I bring these influences into my style of photography to create art to call my own.

Growing up, my father had a dark room in our basement which naturally lead me to follow in his footsteps as a photographer. I developed a passion for photography and ultimately fell in love with street photography.


My eye is for hire. I picked up freelancing photography to expand my creativity and capture the moments in life people want to share with their generations of family to come. I am open to any type of freelance work and love collaborating with clients and other artists. Parties, Engagements, Commercial, my range is not limited. For any inquiries or questions, hit the contact button.

Reach out to me directly:


m: 201.658.2775

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